Thomas H.C. Lee (Prof. emeritus, National Tsing-hua University, Taiwan): Archery Ranges in the Educational Tradition of Confucian Academies in China

Verfügungungsgebäude, VG 4.104 Platz der Göttinger Sieben 7, Göttingen

It is almost impossible to imagine that archery range was an integral part of Chinese academy compound, and supposedly a part of its Confucian education. It is true that in Confucius’ classical teaching, archery was a part of the so-called “six arts” that constituted the education of a gentleman, but that its becoming a part […]

Online-Lecture: Prof. Edward Wang (Rowan University & Peking University): „Potato vs. Sweet Potato in Making the Modern World: A Discussion of Oceanic and Plant History in Historiography.“

Online (Zoom)

Abstract: Both oceanic history and plant history are recent developments in historiography. This talk will discuss how the two schools enhance the study of global history and reshape our views about the making of the modern world. As a continual effort to critique the nation-state focus in 19th century historiography, which began with the French […]