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November 2021

China Platform: Taiwan Lecture Café Series 2021

30. Nov., 10:00 - 11:30

Wednesday 27 October Liao Hsien-hao (National Taiwan University) “Taiwan at the crossroads: Between Central Kingdom and Seafaring Pirates” Wednesday 3 November Yeh Kuo-chün (National Taiwan University) “Did China’s soft power seduction lure Taiwan’s youth? Preliminary evidence for employment and entrepreneurship” Wednesday 10 November Lee Yu-Ting (National Taiwan University) “Problems of East Asian Historical Narrative: Compared with Europe” Wednesday 17 November Hwang Yih-Jye (The Hague University College) “The Origin and Development of International Studies in Taiwan” Wednesday 24 November Chen Yi-Ling…

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Dr. Mohammed Al-Sudairi (Hong Kong University): „Yellow Peril with a Dash of Green?: Global Fantasies on an Islamized China at the Turn of the Twentieth Century“

30. Nov., 18:15 - 20:15

Bio: Mohammed Al-Sudairi is a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences and is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Asian Studies Unit at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. He obtained his PhD in Comparative Politics from the University of Hong Kong, his master's degree in International Relations from the Peking University and in International History from the London School of Economics (joint program), and his undergraduate degree in…

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Dezember 2021

CeMEAS: Lecture Series: „New Perspectives on Modernity in China“

03. Dez., 16:00 - 18:00

Since the nineteenth century, China is offering perspectives on modernity that are often unexpected and therefore challenge Western assumptions about the nature of modernity. In this lecture series, we will look at Chinese history, philosophy, religion, politics etc. presenting current research that is addressing unsettling questions triggered by these developments. . Nov 12, 2021 The Understanding and Practice of “Five Religions” in Early 20th Century China. The Works and Views of Feng Bingnan (1888-1956) Peng Guoxiang, Zhejiang University . Dec…

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Lecture: Leigh Jenco (Professor of Political Theory, London School of Economics, Department of Government): The Ming-Qing Transition as a Philosophical Problem

03. Dez., 16:00 - 18:00

Please register in advance: Abstract: The transition from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty was not experienced as a sharp break for those who lived through it, but it has come to stand in the minds of later Chinese literati as nothing less than an existential crisis for Chinese identity—both driving and driven by a shift in intellectual perspective that emerged in the early years of Qing consolidation. Many educated literati retrospectively blamed the fall of the Ming…

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汉语教学培训 线上讲座 Chinesischlehrerfortbildung – Online-Veranstaltung

04. Dez., 09:00 - 12:00

汉语教学中的差异化教学 Differenzierung im Chinesischunterricht 培训 内容: • 差异化教学及其理论基础:多元智能理论与布鲁姆教育目标分类 • 华裔学习者与非华裔学习者、汉语传承语教学( Heritage Language Teaching )与传统的外语教学( Foreign Language Teaching )的异同 • 成人汉语教学中的差异化教学设计和案例 • 儿童汉语教学中的差异化教学设计和案例。 Inhalt: • Differenzierung im Unterricht und ihre theoretischen Grundlagen: Multifaktorielle Intelligenztheorien und Blooms Taxonomie der Lernziele; • Unterschiede im Spracherwerb zwischen chinesischstämmigen und nicht chinesischstämmigen Lernenden, Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede zwischen Herkunftsprachenunterricht (Heritage Language Teaching) und Fremdsprachenunterricht (Foreign Language Learning); • Differenzierung im Chinesischunterricht mit erwachsenen Lernenden Unterrichtsplanung und Fallbeispiele; • Differenzierung im Chinesischunterricht mit Kindern Unterrichtsplanung und Fallbeispiele.…

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