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线上讲座 Online Lectures – 如何让学生爱学汉语 How to make students love learning Chinese


讲座要点: 如何激发学生学习动机始终是一线教师需要关注的问题,本讲座首先分析了学习者汉语学习动机的类型,动机与学习效果的关系,并在此基础上从需求分析、目标设定、发现学习、难度控制等多个角度探讨了激发学生的学习动机的方式与方法。 Key points of the lecture: The stimulation of students’ learning motivation is doubtless one of the key challenges of teachers in practice. After an analysis of different types of learning motives of Chinese learners and the relationship between motivation and learning outcomes, this lecture explores various means and methods of enhance students’ learning […]

Drama reading

LSG University of Göttingen

"Mr. Big," a play based on the leading figure of modern Chinese literature, is the first attempt to visualize Lu Xun's image on the stage. The play starts with Lu Xun's death and then shows the flashback scenes of the protagonist's encounters with the people he was most concerned about during his lifetime. The play […]