Q. Edward Wang (Ph.D.)


Q. Edward Wang (Ph.D.) is professor of history and coordinator of Asian Studies at Rowan University in the US and Changjiang Professor of History at Peking University in China.

An expert on comparative historiography and global history, Wang has published extensively on these subjects, including editing the four-volume Historiography: Critical Readings (2021); coauthoring A Global History of Modern Historiography (2008 & 2017); co-editing Marxist Historiographies: A Global Perspective (2015) and Turning Points in Historiography: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (2002 & 2006).

He also authored Chopsticks: A Cultural and Culinary History (2015) and Inventing China through History: the May Fourth Approach to Historiography (2001) as well as a dozen books in Chinese. Editor of Chinese Studies in History (Taylor & Francis), he too is on the board of International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography and Storia della Storiografia.

During his visit at CEMEAS, Wang is to finish his book-length study of the sweet potato and its global spread in the modern world.