Lecture (Eugenio Menegon, Associate Professor of History, Boston University): Empire of Paper. Missionaries, Diplomats, and Early Sinologists as Social Carriers of Translingual Practices and Worldviews, through the Story of a Manuscript Vocabulary between Beijing and Rome, 1760s-1820s

VG 3.103

July 07, 2022, 18:00 (GMT +2) in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna On Campus: VG 3.103 (University of Göttingen, Verfügungsgebäude, Platz der Göttinger 7, 37073 Göttingen) On Zoom: For registration, please use this zoom link. Dictionaries compiled in the last phase of the manuscript age (late 16th to early 19th century) acted as metaphorical soldiers […]