Member of Department according to research areas

In the Department of East Asia Studies our research staffs cover a broad range of research disciplines. This page contains important information as to explore our four main categories of research and the academic staffs who are working on these fields: Humanities, Social Sciences, Language Grammar and Linguistics and Technical Methodology.


The Department of East Asian Studies in Göttingen covers a broad range of different areas of research from the humanities. These are connected with larger academic fields such as history, philosophy and religious studies both at the level of research and teaching. In this regard, our main focus lies on modern China, i.e. the time period from the 17th century up until the present.

Language Teaching

This page contains the profile of our highly qualified language teachers and their research on the subject.

Social Sciences

Social scientific perspectives on China play a significant role in the Department of East Asian Studies in Göttingen. We cover many areas of research that are connected with disciplines such as sociology, economics and political science and urban studies. We do so in both research and teaching.

Linguistics and Teaching Methodology

This page contains the profile of our research staffs who work on linguistics research.