Sinology in Göttingen

The Department of East Asian Studies in Göttingen is structured to advance studies on China’s rapid changes and its growing global relevance. Our goal in research and teaching is to pursue a wide range of approaches to study China, from philosophical scholarship to economic analysis. Our work covers a broad range of different subjects ranging from history to sociology, and they are often engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration. The Department is internationally well-connected with numerous world-renowned institutions, and we highly value research with trans-regional approaches. Apart from our commitment to research excellence, one of our main goals is to train experts on modern China. We seek our students to grow capable of understanding China through its long traditions as well as its global entanglements. They are meant to intertwine their sophisticated knowledge of Chinese language and culture with a solid training in research methodology, as well as the core skills required to succeed in the labour market.


Since 2009, ‘modern China’ is the focus of China studies at the Department of East Asia Studies in Göttingen. It is characterized by the period studied (China from the 17th to the 21st century), the trans-regional comparative approach and the interdisciplinary cooperation with related research disciplines.


This page contains information on our research staffs and their profiles, a database to the resources of China-related research and the research institutions which are connected to the Department of East Asian Studies.


Established in 1925 and reorganized in 2009 with a modern focus, the Department of East Asian Studies has been growing steadily since 2009. Today 15 permanent faculty members and four guest teachers from mainland China and Taiwan are working at the department.

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