Study guide and rules/regulations

Here you will find important information and regulations affecting your studies.
Due to many requests have been made on the part of our student body to the examination Office, which resulted in repeated case that we had to retake rules, which we thought was reasonable, which were but not legally protected, have we now finally we inquired and announce hereby the formally proper regulations notified to us, which we will handle now as listed here.
The following rules apply for the repeatability of specifications and tests
  • modules that were not passed may be repeated for a maximum of two times.
  • Exams that were not passed may be repeated for a maximum of two times.
  • Failed exams can either be rescheduled with short notice or in the following semester in the same teaching event. In the latter case a short notice repetition of exam is not possible before the teaching event of the following semester. The failed teaching event can be made up in the later period of the study. However, students have to pay attention to whether registration for future modules or teaching events due to such failure (which in almost all language courses from the WS 2010/11 onwards it is the case).
  • With the compulsory or orientation modules, admission to the second repeated examination is only possible after a compulsory student counseling. Students who have failed a teaching event twice cannot again sign up for an exam on FlexNow. A proof of compulsory student counseling has to be shown to the examination office, where one should register manually with. If students fail a compulsory module in the third attempt, he/she loses the right to do a final examination in the subject. After three failureswill result in de-registration. The second major is but unaffected. Failing to pass an elective module, however, does not cause any dramatic consequences, as long as it is still possible for the students to complete the required modules of the area. So if two out of three modules and the students fail one, the requirements can still be fulfilled …
  • Students who was absent in an exam without an explanation has no legal right to a repeat exam! This means, if you miss the exam without explanations or indeed come to the exam, but obviously make no serious attempt to pass it, and also in this examination nobody else fails or nobody else was absent with an explanation and therefore no one is to repeat the examination, you will have to wait for the next regular examination date.
  • Failed papers cannot be repeated. You either write on another topic for the same teaching event, or to visit the teaching event again andwrite a paper on a new topic. Unratedwork can be commented within the given deadlines by the teacher and will be returned for revision.

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