Wang Wei Chieh

Lecture in Chinese

Wang Wei Chieh
  • Focus
    Chinese linguistics | Development of teaching material and method | Language Pedagogy
  • (0551) 39-21225
  • Room
    KWZ 0.703
  • Consultation hours
    summer term 2024: Tuesday, 3pm-4pm

I am from Taiwan and I am a Lecture in Chinese at the Department of East Asian Studies since 2017.

I have two bachelor’s degrees in Chinese literature and Drama & Theater at Taiwan University. In 2016, I graduated with a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language also from Taiwan University. (Thesis:” A Study of Chinese-Only Approach to Teaching Materials and Methods for Beginners.”) During my graduate studies, I joined CMEX to develop the textbook for their Hanzi animation series “Dònghuà shuō hànzì” in 2014.

For the last few years, I have worked as a Chinese teacher both in Taiwan and Germany, including Chinese Culture University, Fengjia University, Universität Tübingen and Universität Heidelberg.I have taught students from the Chinese Language Flagship program of the United States in summer semester 2013 as well.

My current research interests are in Chinese Linguistics, Language Pedagogy and development of teaching material and method.