Internet Resources

On this page you will find a selection of useful internet resources around the Modern Chinese Studies.

The following pages contain links to other sites with some online tools such as dictionaries , university catalogs ( OPACs ) , full-text databases , various online tools to facilitate the Chinese- learning , and more. This collection is intended primarily to make access possible for our students of modern Chinese and does not claim to be exhaustive.

  • MDBG
    Chinese-English Dictionary, simplified characters, can input English or Chinese
    Input of handwritten characters is possible.
    In addition, there are some useful tools , as well as a downloadable offline version (with fees).
  • cnki
    simplified characters, Chinese-Chinese
  • Yahoo Taiwan
    Traditional characters, can input English or Chinese
OPAC (library catalogs)
  • KVK - Karlsruher Virtual Catalogue The Virtual Catalogue of Karlsruhe University offers the possibility to search simultaneously in various library catalogs. It provides, among the other the access to: Library of Congress,
    WorldCat, Stabi Berlin
    EuropeNext OPAC for sinological works
  • SSELP – Sinological Serials in European Libraries Project
    Europe Next OPAC for sinological journals and serials.
  • Crossasia
    CrossAsia is a professional portal of the East and Southeast Asian studies and provides the following:
    Metasearch: a parallel search in various relevant OPACs.
    (Search in Latin as well as in Asian fonts.)
    OGEA (Online Guide East Asia): Commenting and factually-developed Internet resources
    Access to bibliographic and full text databases.
  • Note: For an unrestricted use of the site it requires registration.
  • National Library of China (中国国家图书馆Zhongguo Guojia Tushuguan)
    The National Library of China in Beijing is the largest state library with an extensive book collection in the PRC. It also includes many foreign publications.
    There is also an English version of the site, including an English-catalog search.
  • National Library (國家圖書館 Guojia Tushuguan)
    National Library of the Republic of China on Taiwan.
    There is also an English version of the site, including an English-catalog search.
  • Library of Peking University (北京大学图书馆 Beijing Daxue Tushuguan)
    There is also an English version of the site, including an English-catalog search.
  • Academia Sinica
    Library Service of Academia Sinica. The Academia Sinica, the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Resources at the University of Göttingen

Note: For full use of the databases listed below the input of a user identifier of the State and University Library is sometimes necessary.

  • International Writing Center Note: The International Writing Center is a central institution, it offers workshops and consultations on academic writing for students of all subjects.
  • E-Journals
    Electronic Journals Library
    Note: See also: Selected magazines and newspapers of sinological interests
  • DBIS – Databases Information System Compilation of important online databases
  • BAS – Bibliography of Asian Studies
    The Bibliography of Asian Studies offers an extensive collection of Western related to Asia magazines.
    Online archive with access to full electronic texts of selected journals from all disciplines with a focus on the humanities and social sciences.
  • ISI – Web of Science
    Search portal with access to citation databases that provide information as to which texts a certain work has been cited. In this way, more recent discourse / publications can be tracked on with a particular topic.
  • Historical Abstracts
    The Historical Abstracts database contains works on history of all countries (except US and Canada) from 1450 to the present. All items are provided with abstracts. Stock selection is international, with emphasis in the literature in European languages.
Miscellaneous Online Tools
Online Biographies
  • China Vitae
    China Vitae is a database of biographies with more than 4000 entries of current leaders from politics, business, research and military of the People's Republic of China.
Academic Search Engine
  • Google Scholar
    Google Scholar enables people to search for scientific literature.
  • ScienceDirect
    Search for peer-reviewed journals, articles, book chapters and open access content
Selected magazines and newspapers of interest on Sinology/ China Studies

History of ideas


* Note: Currently subscription is not available

Miscellaneous Journals with different Themes

Document Delivery Service

The Subito document delivery service provides the possibility to produce copies of articles from magazines or copies of books from many libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and have them sent. This service is free and requires registration.

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