Göttingen University is part of a new research network exploring “World-Making from
Global Perspectives: A Dialogue with China.” Prof. Dominic Sachsenmaier will serve as the
co-speaker of this network and direct a project on “Conceptions of World Order and their
Social Carrier Groups.” This Göttingen-based project will explore the transformation of
conceptions of world order between the late nineteenth century and the present. The German
Ministry of Education will sponsor the network with a total amount of ca. four million Euros,
which includes 895.000,- Euros for the Göttingen part; 40% of these sums will be provided
after a project extension in late 2023.

The project researchers will explore various patterns and rhythms of world order-related thinking in China, Europe and other regions. With an eye on conceptions of world order, the project will not only investigate images of global political and economic power formations but also include other factors like cultural hegemonies or global social movements into the picture. The project will not only operate in a comparative manner but will also investigate transnational connections among intellectuals and other agents.

In the overall research network, Prof. Sachsenmaier will particularly collaborate with
Prof. Elena Meyer-Clement (FU Berlin) and Prof. Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg), yet
also additional institutions in Germany and abroad will be involved. In addition to
conferences and workshops, fellowships for visiting scholars will be available.