The situation surrounding the new coronavirus also has some implications for the teaching operations at our department during the summer semester 2020. The university has decided that our semester will start on April 20th and that – until further notice — it will be almost exclusively be taught online. Depending on the kind and contents of our department’s specific courses, the concrete formats of digital teaching will vary. However, we will usually stick to the original timeslots of our courses. The offices of our department will not be staffed on the usual basis, and there will be no more office hours until the beginning of the semester. You can still reach members of our department via email. Please make sure to submit your essays and/or other written assignments exclusively via email and/or Studip.

A semester taught entirely online will be a new experience for most of us, and as the Department of East Asian Studies we wish all students that this will nevertheless turn out to be an enticing, successful and healthy semester.