The sudden loss of Christoph Zimmer fills the Department of East Asian Studies with sadness; he passed away unexpectedly on February 5th, 2021. Christoph Zimmer was a life-affirming man, and he was widely loved and appreciated at our department where he studied and worked for many years. He was a highly gifted young scholar and an exceptionally talented educator, contributing with great joy and happiness to our department. We greatly appreciated his open personality, his enthusiasm and his deep integrity.

We will hold a memorial service for Christoph Zimmer when we again will be able to do so. Now, we will build a memorial website for him, and all of you are invited to contribute to it. You can solicit texts, images, video clips, audio files and pieces in other formats, and it would be good if you could do so by February 28th. Please send your memories and thoughts of Christoph Zimmer to the following address: