Dr. Julia C. Schneider

Assistant Professor and Study Advisor for BA / MA Modern Sinology (WiSe 2019/2020: research semester)

Dr. Julia C. Schneider
  • Focus
    Ethnicity | Ethnohistory | History of ideas | Intellectual history | Nationalism | North/ East and Central Asia
  • (0551) 39-29206
  • julia.schneider@phil.uni-goettingen.de
  • Room
    KWZ 0.729
  • Consultation hours
    WiSe 2019/2020: From October 1, 2019, I am on leave for a research semester and will not offer office hours until further notice. If you have questions regarding the MA Modern Sinology, please contact Prof. Axel Schneider. Students whose MA thesis I supervise can of course contact me per Email anytime.

Since Feburary 2014 I am a assistant professor at the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Göttingen. I studied in Heidelberg, Berlin (HU), Vienna and at the Foreign Language University Beijing. In 2005 I received my MA in Classical Sinology (and Musicology) at  Heidelberg. In 2013, I defended my PhD dissertation about “Ethnicity and sinicization” (summa cum laude) at Ghent University and at the University of Göttingen in a joint PhD programme. My book based on my PhD dissertation, Nation and Ethnicity (2017), won the Foundation Council Award of the University of Göttingen in 2017.

My research areas are historiography and conceptual history, ethnography and ethnohistory in Ming, Qing, and Republican times. In my doctoral project, I was particularly interested in certain aspects of the Chinese discourse on nationalism, its integration of concepts of ethnic identity and assimilation, and in Chinese historiographical thinking with regard to non-Chinese dynasties, empires and ethnicities (1900s-1920s).

My postdoc project is about questions of differentiation between identities of Self and Other, dichotomies of civilization vs. barbary (Hua/Yi discourse), and the ethnification during the Ming and Qing times (15th-18th century).

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

  • since Feb. 2014: Assistant professor (Akademische Rätin), Department for East Asian Studies, University of Göttingen
  • Oct. 2013-Jan. 2014: Guest professor, Institute for Sinology, Ghent University
  • May 2009-Apr. 2013: Doctoral candidate, Institute for Sinology, Ghent University
  • Education and Academic Degrees

  • Feb. 2013: PhD, Ghent University and University of Göttingen (Cotutelle) Title of dissertation thesis: “Ethnicity and Sinicization: The Theory of Assimilative Power in the Making of the Chinese Nation-State (1900s-1920s)” (in English) Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ann Heirman, Prof. Dr. Eric Vanhaute (both Ghent University) and Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider (University of Göttingen)
  • Nov. 2005: MA, University of Heidelberg Title of master thesis: “A Critique of the Sinicization Concept: A Case Study of the three Jin Emperors Hela, Digunai and Wulu (1135-1189)” (in German) Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wagner
  • Oct. 1997-Nov. 2005: Study of Classical Sinology and Musicology, University of Heidelberg, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Oct. 2000-Feb. 2001: University of Vienna
  • Mar.-Aug. 2000: Beijing Foreign Language University
  • Scholarships

  • May 2009-Apr. 2013: PhD scholarship, Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds (BOF = Special Research Fund), Ghent University
  • Jan.-Dec. 2008: Scholarship of the Brigitte Schlieben-Lange-Program, Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts, and the European Social Fund
  • Academic Organisation

  • Sept. 2017: Organiser of the international workshops: “Manchu in global history: a research language for Qing historians” Department of East Asian Studies, University of Göttingen
  • Feb. 2015: Organiser of the international workshop: “Manchu language intensive course for post-graduates” Department of East Asian Studies, University of Göttingen
  • June 2012: Organiser of the international workshop “Political Strategies of Identity-Building in China: Workshop on Non-Han Empires in China” Institute for Sinology, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich
  • Mar. 2012: Organiser of the international conference “Nationizing the Dynasty – Dynastizing the Nation?” University of California Los Angeles (USA)
  • Jun. 2011: Organiser of the international workshop “Ethnicity and Sinicization Reconsidered: Workshop on Non-Han Empires in China”Institute for Sinology, Ghent University
  • List of courses

    University of Göttingen

    • SoSe 2018 Case Studies: History of Modern China (MA 1, 2 SWS)
    • WiSe 2017 Book Review (BA 3)
    • SoSe 2017 Case Studies: Modern Chinese History (MA 1, 2 SWS)
    • SoSe 2017 Premodern Literary Language (Chinese) II (BA 2, 4 SWS)
    • WiSe 2016 Premodern Literary Language (Chinese) I (BA 2, 4 SWS)
    • SoSe 2016 Premodern Literary Language (Chinese) II (BA 2, 4 SWS)
    • WiSe 2015 Premodern Literary Language (Chinese) I (BA 2, 4 SWS)
    • SoSe 2015 Auxiliaries (of Modern Chinese Studies) (BA 1, 2 SWS)
    • WiSe 2014 History of Modern China II (BA 2, 2 SWS)
    • WiSe 2014 Introduction to Modern Chinese Politics (BA 1, 2 courses à 2 SWS)
    • SoSe 2014 Advanced Modern Literary Language (Chinese) (MA 1, 2 SWS)
    • SoSe 2014 History of Modern China II (BA 2, 2 SWS)

    Ghent University

    • winter term 2013: Classical Chinese (BA 3)
    • winter term 2013: Methodology and Auxiliaries (BA 2)
    • summer term 2010: Classical Chinese (BA 2)

    List of supervised BA and MA theses (as first supervisor, completed)

    • „Der Einfluss der chinesischen Gartenbaukunst auf die englische Gartenbaukunst“ (L. Schatter)
    • „Sprachstandardisierung in der Volksrepublik China“ (A. Witzky)
    • „Liang Qichaos Einstellung zur konstitutionellen Monarchie zwischen 1890 und 1911“ (L. Küchenmeister)
    • „Wessen Interesse ist ‚öffentlich?’: Ordre Public und gute Sitten im chinesischen Zivilrecht“ (T. Odom)
    • „Kündigungswelle von Richtern in der VR China – Ein Vergleich der Stellung des Richters in der VR China und Deutschland“ (V. Kukanauskas)
    • “The Contemporary Religious Identities of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang” (A. Wiese)
    • „Der chinesische Nationalismus und der Konflikt um die Diaoyu/Senkaku-Inseln“ (J. Backhaus)

    Stand: Januar 2018



    • 2017. Nation and Ethnicity: Chinese Discourses on History, Historiography, and Nationalism (1900s-1920s). In: Leiden Series of Comparative Historiography (Leiden: Brill). won the Foundation Council Award of the University of Göttingen in 2017

    Articles (peer-reviewed)

    • 2011. „The Jin Revisited: New Assessment of Jurchen Emperors“, Journal of Song Yuan Studies 41, S. 343-404.
    • 2011, with Francesca Fiaschetti. „Ethnicity and Sinicization Reconsidered: Workshop on Non-Han Empires in China. Workshop Report“, Crossroads: Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World 4: p. 243–247.

    Book Chapters

    • 2017. “Missioning, Civilising, and Nationising: Linked Concepts of Compelled Change,” in New Religious Nationalism in Chinese Societies, ed. By Cheng-tian Kuo (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press), p. 89-115.
    • 2017. “Foreign Conquest Dynasties in Chinese Textbooks of the 1920s: The Search for a National Identity,” in Knowledge and the Production of Textbook, ed. by Tze-ki Hon and Chi-kin Au (Hongkong: Zhonghwa Book Company).
    • 2014. „Early Chinese Nationalism: The Origins under Manchu Rule“, in Interpretating China as a Regional and Global Power: Nationalism and Historical Consciousness in World Politics, ed. by Bart Dessein (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan), p. 7-29.
    • 2014. „Sinicization and Nativistic Movement? The Middle Jurchen Jin Period (1123–1189)“, in Political Strategies of Identity-Building in Non-Han Empires in China, ed. by Francesca Fiaschetti und Julia Schneider, in Asiatische Forschungen (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz), p. 59-71.
    • 2012. „Yòng Xià biàn Yí 用夏變夷 im Kontext von Nationalismus und Historiographie“, in Tradition? Variation? Plagiat? Motive und ihre Adaption in China, ed. by Lena Henningsen und Martin Hofmann, in Jahrbuch der Deutschen Vereinigung für Chinastudien (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz), p. 113–128.

    Edited Volumes

    • 2014, ed. with Francesca Fiaschetti. Political Strategies of Identity-Building in Non-Han Empires in China, in Asiatische Forschungen 157 (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz).
    • 2012, ed. with Francesca Fiaschetti and Angela Schottenhammer. Ethnicity and Sinicization Reconsidered: Workshop on Non-Han Empires in China, in Crossroads 5, special issue (Gossenberg: Ostasien Verlag).


    • accepted (2018). Review of Changing Referents: Learning across Space and Time in China and the West. By Leigh Jenco. In Berliner China-Hefte = Chinese History and Society. [In German]
    • 2017. Review of Rethinking the Decline of China’s Qing Dynasty: Imperial Activism and Borderland Management at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century. By Daniel McMahon. In Berliner China-Hefte = Chinese History and Society. [In German]
    • 2016. Review of Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism and Individualism in Modern China: The Chenbao Fukan and the New Culture Era, 1918-1928. By Xiaoqun Xu. In The Chinese Historical Review 23.2, p. 166-169.

    Lectures and presented papers

    • 03/2017: “Merging the civic with the ethnic nation: pre-modern and modern images of Chinese identity”, Anthony D. Smith & the Future of Nationalism: Ethnicity, Religion and Culture (27th ASEN annual conference), Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN), London School of Economics (LSE)
    • 03/2017: “Chinese Discourse on Historiography, Nationalism, and Non-Chinese Peoples in the 1900s-1920s”, lecture: China Studies Seminar, School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) [invited].
    • 06/2016: “National minorities in the PRCh: embedding today’s conflict situation in the intellectual and historical discourse”, lecture series: Conflicts in the world, Brunswick University of Technology [invited].
    • 05/2016: “Sinicization as national mission: political strategy and historiographical theory”, seminar: New Religious Nationalism in Chinese Societies, International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden University [invited].
    • 04/2015: “Ethnic identities and strategies of integration under the Manchu Ch’ing (1636-1912)”, international conference: Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood before Modernity: Old Debates and New Perspectives, The Oxford Research Centre of the Humanities (TORCH), University of Oxford
    • 04/2015: “East Asian strategies of integration and homogenization: Ch’ing ethnification (1636/1644-1912) vs. Republican assimilation (1912-1949)”, international conference: Nationalism: Diversity and Security, ASEN 25th annual conference, London School of Economics
    • 03/2014: “Ethnic differences in Chinese political discourse around 1900”, internationaler Workshop: Comparative Political Theory Conference, King’s College London, London School of Economics, and School of Oriental and African Studies, London
    • 11/2013: “Zhang Taiyans early ideas of the nation-state – inclusive or exclusive?”, internationale Konferenz: Questioning Modernity: Critical Engagement with Western Knowledge in Late Imperial and Republican China, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    • 06/2013: “Foreign conquest dynasties in Chinese textbooks of the 1920s: The search for a national identity”, internationale Konferenz: Historical Knowledge and the Production of Textbooks, Hong Kong Shue Yan University (China)
    • 06/2013: “Sinisierung in der chinesischen Geschichtswissenschaft: Die Entstehung einer Theorie (1900er-1920er)”, Workshop: Vielvölkerstaat China: Multiethnizität und Multikulturalität in Chinas Geschichte und Gegenwart (eingeladene Vortragende), Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
    • 06/2012: “Sinicization and nativistic movement? The middle Jurchen Jin period (1123-1189)”, internationaler Workshop: Political Strategies of Identity-Building in Non-Han Empires in China, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    • 04/2012: “Desire and reality: Territory, ethnicity and history captured in Chinese nationalism”, internationale Konferenz: Nationizing the Dynasty, Dynastizing the Nation, University of California, Los Angeles (USA)
    • 11/2011: “The transfer of (popular) culture between Jin and Southern Song people and official reactions”, internationaler Workshop: Tribute, Trade, and Smuggling: Commercial and Scientific Interaction in the Middle Period and Early Modern World, Universität Gent (Belgien)
    • 11/2010: “Yòng Xià biàn Yí im Kontext von Nationalismus und Historiographie”, Konferenz: Tradition, Variation, Plagiat, Tagung der Deutschen Vereinigung für Chinastudien (DVCS), Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
    • 07/2010: “The assimilative power of China – Chinese nationalism and historiography”, Konferenz: XVIII Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS), Universität Lettlands, Riga (Lettland)
    • 11/2009: “The sinicization concept: The Chinese assimilative power and Chinese historiography”, internationaler Workshop: Nationising the Dynasty, Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in Global Context”, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
    • 03/2008: “The sinicization concept – an introduction to its development”, internationale Konferenz: Harvard East Asia Society 11th Annual Graduate Student Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge MA (USA)

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