Jin Yan

instructor and doctoral candidate

Jin Yan
  • Focus
    global perspective | history of Shanghai | modern China | modern intellectual history
  • (0551) 39-21292
  • yan.jin@phil.uni-goettingen.de
  • Room
    KWZ 0.726
  • Consultation hours
    SoSe 2019: Wednesday, 2pm - 3pm

Since August 2015, Yan Jin is a instructor and doctoral candidate at the Department of East Asian Studies of University of Göttingen. Yan Jin received her B.A. in International Politics and an M.A. in Modern Chinese History, both from Fudan University.

Before she moved to Göttingen, Yan Jin had been lecturer/assistant professor at the History Department of Fudan University in Shanghai, China for 16 years. During parts of this time, she served as Director for Student Affairs of History Department, as Assistant Director of the Fudan Asia Study Center, and as coordinator for the Global History Program at Fudan University. Moreover, she has teaching experience as a visiting professor at various universities outside China, including University of Vienna (Austria), Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany), Leipzig University (Germany).

Yan Jins main research interest is modern Chinese intellectual history and the history of Shanghai. She has worked and published on topics like Christianity in modern China, Chinese national identity in modern times, Shanghai studies, etc. Currently, she is working on the global entanglements of modern Chinese intellectuals, particularly the question of how connections with both the West and non-West, shaped some social, political and material aspects of the modern Chinese intellectual life.

Curriculum Vitae


    • 1991 B.A., International Politics, 1991, Fudan University
    • 1998 M.A., Modern Chinese History, 1998, Fudan University Ph.D Candidate

Working Experience

    • 08/1996-09/2015 Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Fudan University
    • 08/1996-07/2000 Director of Students Affairs of History Department ( a position equals to vice department chair)
    • 08/2002-01/2005 Assistant Director of Fudan Asia Research Center
    • 01/2007-09/2015 Coordinator of exchange programs for History Department

Teaching experience

A. Teaching at Fudan University

Example courses

  1. Being Globalized – China and the World in the 20th Century (MA seminar, English instructed)
  2. Topics on Chinese Civilization (MA seminar, English instructed)
  3. Introduction to Chinese Civilization (BA course, English lectured)
  4. History of Globalization (BA seminar, English instructed)
  5. Contemporary Chinese History (Chinese)
  6. Academic English for History Major Students (both graduate and undergraduate)

B. Visiting professorship

    • May to July 2009 Visiting professor at University of Vienna, Austria Two courses

      • Introduction to Chinese Civilization
      • Being Globalized – China and the World in the 20th Century
    • February to July 2015 Visiting professor at Jacobs University Two courses

      • Introduction to Chinese Civilization
      • History of Globalization

Funding Received and other Academic Experience

    • August 2001 to July 2002 Visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US. Sponsored by the Freeman Foundation
    • April to July, 2003 and August to September 2004 Visiting scholar at Erlangen University, Germany. Sponsored by the CSC (China Scholarship Council) and DAAD, Germany
    • May to July 2009, Visiting professor at University of Vienna, sponsored by the Eramus Mundus Program of Global Studies
    • February to July, 2015 Visiting professor at Jacobs University, Germany, Sponsored by Jacobs University


    • July 1998 St. John’s University and Educational Reformation in Modern China, Modern China, Shanghai
    • November 1998 Intellectuals and Anti-Christian Movement during the May-fourth Period, Fudan Journal
    • August 2003 (first edition) The Image-building of “Young China” and the Crisis of Chinese National Identity, Modern China Annual, Shanghai
    • 2008 “Tradition” als Konzept bei der Schaffung der Ideale des “Jungen China”, in Michael Lackner , ed., Zwischedn Selbastbestimmung und Selbstbehauptung, Nomos Verlagstesellschaft, Baden-Baden, Germany (originally written in Chinese, translated into German by German scholars)

Book Translation (From English to Chinese)

    • 1997 (Co-translating) Chinese Civil War, by Suzane Pepper, Chinese Youth Publishing House, Beijing
    • 2004 (Co-translating) Policing Shanghai, by Frederic Wakeman, Jr., Shanghai Classic Publishing House
    • 2010 Shanghai: A History in Photographs, 1842-now, by Liu Heung Shing & Karen Smith, World Publishing Corporation, Beijing

Paper Translation (From English to Chinese)

    • 2008 Reconciling History with the Nation, World History and the Problem of Hisotrical Relativism – Liang Ch’I Ch’ao’s Historiography after 1919, both in Axel Schneider, Wahrheit und Geschichte: Zwei chinesische Historiker auf der Suche nach einer modernen Identitat fur China, trans by Guan Shan, Li Maohua, Social Sciences Academic Press

Conference paper

    • December 2012 Japanese Impact on The Emergence of Modern Chinese Intellectuals – Some Thoughts on the Circulation of Japanese Imported Terms and Expressions in Modern Chinese Language, National Singapore University

Ph.D project

    • The Global Dimension of Chinese Intellectuals in Early 20th Century